Lukas的游学记忆ICS Summer Camp

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Lukas的游学记忆ICS Summer Camp




Today I go with my mom and dad, my sister to the school to know the place.

Then we go to the natural museum. It is beautiful and clean, there was a big dinosaur above my head but it was fossil. We see many fossils.

There were many people in the museum.

And bird fossils I really enjoyed. On the staircase I jump. And I am happy.

I see when we are small in mommy’s tummy and how we grow up. Next we go to the shop to buy things. Daddy says :”we buy this telescope.” Mom says :”ok.” After we finish buying things, mom says:” Let’s have a icecream.” I agree that. The icecream is delicious. I like this vanilla icecream.


Today we go to the Windsor castle to look many interesting things. On the way we see many beautiful flowers and trees, and on the flower the honeybee is eating the flower. If the flower die, it will a fruit to eat and the new will come out.

We drive one hour to Oxford. The students work very very very very hard. This is the best universitys in the world.

In the Christ church there are lots of people. Our side the man says , 15 mins the door close. We are faster then 15mins , we have 5 more mins. Then we go to the shop. Here has Harry Potter wand, so we buy the wand. And we are the last ?


ICS Summer Camp

This is the first day in ICS. I am so excited to go ICS. My mom, dad and my sister go to ICS. First we have paper to write on it and then I have a test is about house. The teacher says, I am the octopus class! The second is drawing, then we have English class.


After I finish the ICS school, mom , dad and sister we go to Steinway & Sons – the best piano in this world. When I play it is soft. There is a piano don’t need to play then the piano can play.
I am so exited top the piano and happy. The seller says the Steinway is wood so it’s not horn. It’s sound good and Langlang has a signature on it.


The London Eye is amazing, but it looks scary and enoumies, and we ride on it. It looks very interesting. I am a boy so I am not scaryed.

After that we check the picture which the worker makes for us. The photo is bad, because we are all good but mom is looking Johanna’s head, so that we don’t buy it.


Today I go to ICS. This is the last day in ICS, but I want to live in this school.

The first class is Geograph. I am very good at geograph. We learn continents and oceans.
The next is break. I eat breads. My dad is very good at cooking.

Next our class is PE. I ask teacher:” Today do we play football?” The teacher says:” yes.” I am too excited to play game outside.

My team scored 5, I scored 50 goals, other team is 2 goals, they are all girls.

I get the certificate from Mrs Hannah and Mrs Boonie.


Today we go to Wycome Abbey to have a look. But the door is closed, dad asks:” Can I go in?” One people says :” yes.” The man makes a picture for us, and then we go to Lego park.

After one hour we arrive Lego park, we go into the park. I am amazed. We meet our friend Susan’s family first. We play water program and other small programs until 17o’clock.
Susan gives us a T-shirt. We can paint on it and wash.



ICS(International Community School)学校是英国排名前10的独立IB学校。2016年ICS被英国文化协会认证为“适合幼儿与青少年学习英语的顶尖IB学校”。2014年至今,ICS在家长评价反馈中获得了9-9.7的高分。ICS身处伦敦市中心,交通便利,毗邻伦敦三大著名公园,步行前往伦敦最繁华的购物中心牛津街仅20分钟左右。